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Family Foundations

“The year was 1972, and I was five years old. My father, David Tate, started Tate Metalworks with a loan from my great grandfather. He and my mother, Jane, took that, and after surviving numerous recessions, mistakes, and a steep learning curve, went on the be the South Carolina State Small Business of the Year in 1998. They refused to give up when things turned dark, and business seemed to dry up. What I learned from watching them take that journey over those years was that to make something go, you only need two constants: hard work, and perseverance. Fast forward to today, and I am now standing in his shoes, with the determination to use 20 years of experience gained selling every protein imaginable all over the east coast, and an unbelievable partner in my wife, Becky.

I dedicate this shop to my daddy, who has been my savior, best friend, and confidant since I was old enough to follow him around everywhere he went. When I was four years old, he took me quail hunting. We got to the banks of the Broad River, and he told me to climb on his shoulders. He could see I was petrified, but he promised me I wouldn’t get wet, and told me to trust him. Well, this little boy never climbed down, and that man carried me a long way through life. And I owe just as much to my mother Jane, who steered me through almost every pitfall that a hyperactive kid with a short attention span could end up in. She never gave up on me. I know she is looking down on me, watching as my dream comes true.”

An Enduring Partnership

“While the buying and cutting parts of the business are the easy parts, filling out the rest of the shop was more of a challenge. I turned to a great mentor and friend, chef Louis Osteen, who I never lost track of. He is a James Beard Award winning chef who has dazzled patrons both in South Carolina, and across the country for over fifty years. Louis is a South Carolina boy at heart, having grown up in Anderson, and whose father owned the local movie theater. I can’t tell you how much time Louis and I spent going over items he wanted on the menu, what the true food cost would be, and how he would price them.

Louis has been a go-to mentor at every step in my career. He was my first nationally renowned chef, and he treated me with kids gloves, where a lot of other chefs would have dismissed a rookie like me as more pain than help. I will never forget what he has brought to my career, and the influence he's had in my life.”

— Grant Tate, Owner